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A Men’s Wooden Watch – Everything You Need On Your Wrist

Hand-made from various organic wood types like ebony, bamboo, walnut or zebrawood.

Stainless Steel and Zebrawood

We were working for a long time to create a truly timeless style for our watches. And we think this watch comes pretty darn close.

Made from stainless steel and organic zebrawood, this watch feels and looks the business. Every time you’re wearing it, it’ll impress the people around you and give you this feeling of feeling aware and valueing your time.

Product image: Timeless Stainless Steel + Wood Watch
The Businessman Black
The Boss
The Sandalwood
The Designer
The Young
The Young

Men’s Ebony Wood Watches

Ebony wood is a very dark and elegant wood. It has a natural sheen to it, which makes the wood grain stand out beautifully. The owners of our ebony watches know from first hand how solid the wood is, and what a satisfying feels when worn.

Ebony wood is a very hard and heavy wood, which makes it an excellent choice for building watches. When manufacturing a men’s wooden watch from ebony wood, we make sure that all the tools are super sharp.

Automatic Watches

Automatic watches are special. Their highly complex, quality movements make them very thoughtful timepieces, dedicated towards the true fans of well-made watches.

Our automatic watches come in two designs.
The Treat shows the beautiful moving pieces of the movement. The Kinetic has a stunning optical illusion on the dial, with a spinning element that is creating an infinite illusion.

The Treat - Black
The Treat - Brown
The Kinetic - Brown
The Kinetic - Black & Bamboo
The Mechanic

Men’s Bamboo Watches

Bamboo is a light and durable wood, that’s why we love using it to make watches man can wear every day.

The bamboo watch cases build a solid foundation for a men’s wooden watch, especially since they give us as manufacturers quite a bit of flexibility in form and design.

And probably the most beautiful aspect of organic bamboo wood is just that, the organic wooden grain.

The Little Bamboo - Mens Bamboo Watch
The Solid - Mens Wooden Watch
The Naturalist - Mens Wooden Bamboo Watch
The Striped
The Green
The Unisexy
The Geometric
The Punk

Men’s Zebrawood Watches

Zebrawood is characterized by the striped grain, that’s reminiscent of zebras. It was first recorded in 1773, when zebrawood was importat from Honduras and Nicarague to the UK.

This wood is quite heavy and hard, a great materials to build watches from. The zebra-like grain makes it decorative to wear, you’ll draw quite some attention with these watches.

Besides being used for making watches,
it is also used in various industries. Did you know Cadillac and Mercedes Benz used it for their cars in the past?

The Dapper - Brown with Zebrawood Bezel
The Dapper - Black with Zebrawood Bezel
The Dapper - Forest with Zebrawood Bezel
The Gerhard

1 Watch = 10 Trees Planted

We plant ten trees in the US for every watch sold. Help us protect our beautiful Earth.