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You are unique. Your watch should be, too.

Little Oak watches are made from original wood. Each watch has a unique grain, just like you have your unique style.

Thank you for checking out Little Oak, we’re glad you’re here! We fell in love with wooden watches and wooden accessories the first time our founder Jan saw a wooden watch worn by one of his friends.

After doing research on the topic, Jan started talking about these watches to his friends and family. Soon he realized, that few people knew these watches even exist – yet they’re gorgeous accessories and reflect the uniqueness of their owners.

It’s important to us to just sell watches made from organic wood, as that wood has a beautiful wooden grain and gives you a great wearing feel. No two watches look the same, which is what we’re most proud of.

We’re currently sourcing our products from a high-quality manufacturer in overseas because that’s the only way for us to compete with the large jewelry brands. Rest assured that we selected our manufacturing partner very carefully and are confident in the quality of our watches.

Through some clever logistics, we can offer our watches at competitive prices without sacrificing build quality.

Affordable & Luxurious

Sounds like a contradiction? We remove the carriers and resellers from the equation and thus reduce our overhead to a bare minimum.

For you, this means that you’ll get the most amazing wooden watches at a fraction of their usual asking price.

Our products range from luxurious automatic watches, dressy wooden watches, to casual and stylish watches for him and her.

For Every Occasion

Our wooden watches for him and her fit every occasion. You can wear them in your leisure time while enjoying a trip with your family or you can match them with your business outfit.

Depending on the watch model you choose, you’ll see that wooden watches can be highly versatile. They only have one thing in common: they always add the little extra bit of style to your look and will make you stand out from the people surrounding you.


High fashion looks at high street prices

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1 Watch = 10 Trees Planted

We plant ten trees in the US for every watch sold. Help us protect our beautiful Earth.